Tips for moving:


As you can see from my last post I have just moved in with my boyfriend and I wanted to share with you some of my tips for moving.


  1. Moving your hanging items: 

I prefer to hang all my clothes than fold them away in drawers (saves on ironing haha) and I remember when I first moved I took everything off the hangers, put it into suitcases moved it then had to hang it all back up NIGHTMARE! This is the fourth flat I have moved into so now I’m pretty much a seasoned vet and use this little trick for moving all my clothes. These are the tie handle bin bags which you can buy from pretty much every grocery store and all you do is open it out, slip your clothes in and pull it tight, once tight wrap the strings around the hanger. It’s so much easier to move from one place to another and means you can just hang your clothes up straight away and not add something else to the pile when moving,




2. Easy storage: 

I genrally have a lot of stuff. I’m a little bit of a hoarder and although I got rid of a lot of things when I moved in to the flat I had a lot of shoes and bags to transport. Piled together these can be very heavy and awkward to move but I used these bags to help me do it. THEY FIT EVERYTHING and what is best is once you have moved you can use these to store anything! I use them for like sheets, blankets, extra pillows etc. and they cost like £1.49 which doesn’t break the bank and you so much use out of them.




So those are my best tips for moving. These are a must have and make your life so much easier!


Has anyone else got any tips?

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Much love,






It’s been a minute hasn’t it? Well let me fill you in on why I have been so quiet and it all started where most of the best stories start…in a pub:

Bubs and I decided to have a little date night in our little local. Just a get a bit dolled up, have a few drinks kind of evening. We were sat there a few drinks in and Bubs said “are you serious about this whole moving in thing?” To which I was like DUHHHHHH but actually replied ” yeh, of course I would love to live with you.” So we get on our phones and he found this quite little flat, 2 bedrooms, absolutely beautiful and in our price range, so that was that, we decided to look at it.

As you can imagine everything kind of fell in to place from there, viewed that flat, got all the paperwork and money for the flat waited a few days and then we got told…



That is right folks, I am officially an adult, I live with my wonderful boyfriend in our cute wee flat and everything feels just perfect.


This is our living room. All the furniture and decor is all ours. I love the brick, that was what made me fall in love with the flat n the first place . I’ve tried to make it as cosy as possible and as you can tell I love a photo! All of them are of friends and family or are pictures of me and Bubs.




We have a cosy fireplace and I think it’s beautiful! That mirror of mine I’ve had for years and has followed me from flat to flat, I think it’s just wonderful. I can’t wait for cosy winter nights where Bubs and I can just cuddle up in front of the fire.

Now we are all officially moved in and our internet is all sorted I will have more time to keep you up to date. If you keep up with my instagram you can get a day to day account of my day.

Well I hope everyone has a glorious day, it looks like a nice day out so might go for a walk later.

I’m going to IKEA on sunday with Bubs mum and sister so look out for a blog post at the start of the week to see my haul.



Much love,




Just keep swimming….


I have been SUPER busy this past week and a bit and have felt that I haven’t really had much time to sit down and take the time to do ANYTHING! I’ve been doing a lot of nightshift lately and I find when I have time to myself I just want to chill and take the time to centre myself. I’ve been feeling really ill lately and I think because I don’t have a normal routine my body is completely gone to whack. I’m so tired, and have been literally sick every day for a week straight (F.Y.I Not pregnant, but thanks for the concern) and have had like a weird cold thing for about 2 months but it’s not really come to anything major, but a runny nose and feeling blergh.


Enough about my moaning though as starting from next week it’s back on track, back to a routine, back to feeling normal. Healthy Natalie take like 10 is on it’s way and hopefully because there will be no more nightshift I can have the time to focus on myself a lot more. When I have a second I’m going to plan everything out, like what are my goals? how long am I going to give myself? how am I going to achieve them? and hopefully it’ll be a step by step process to move forward from my little funk.


So yeah, essentially I just wanted a moan (what’s new?) and to give everyone a little update. I want to apologise as well if anyone follows me on social media and has noticed I’ve gone a little quiet it’s purely because all I’m doing at the moment is sleeping and working and that seems to be the last thing I can focus on right now.


If anyone has any hints or tips on how to plan and progress from here leave them in a comment below.


Much love,


Natalie xx