Wait… let me take a selfie

One of the things people recognise me for is my love of a selfie. I am that friend on a night out with the camera ready to take pics of all the best moments. I love taking pictures and keeping memories (believe me you should look at my camera roll.. I am a picture hoarder!) I am a self proclaimed selfie queen and believe me I could rival Kim Kardashian and her love of selfies.

I read an article lately about a woman who had posted all these beautiful images on Instagram and behind each image there was a story. It wasn’t a story about the image itself but more what was happening in her life at the time. It got me thinking how honest are we really when we are taking pictures? Not only how honest are we with our followers but how honest are we with ourselves?

The images above I took when I was actually really ill. I’ve been getting horrid chest pains and some days the pain can be crippling. It’s hard to explain what exactly is wrong but it’s basically my bones are all inflamed. Looking at those photos you can’t tell that I was in pain and that’s because I don’t feel the need to let people know that I’m in pain all the time. I would rather pull silly faces and live my best life. Am I being dishonest? I wouldn’t think so I am just wanting to focus on the positive things in my life than the pain. My smiles are all real and I’m just having fun!

So here’s my advice: do what you want to do! Take silly pictures, post your outfits of the day, laugh, cry, whatever you want! At the end of the days social media is an extension of you and what you want to show.

Much love,

The selfie queen ✌🏻👑

Metallic accents…

Imagine, walking down a street on a warm summer’s day. The sun is bouncing of the pavement and wrapping you in it’s warm glow and suddenly a shimmer, or is it a sparkle? Something flashes in the summers air and taunts you to come near. What is it? you wonder as your curiosity peaks and you search for the source. It whispers to you through the rays and the glistening light devours you making you want more… and there it is, the perfect shining pieces of metal, crafted into this seasons latest trend.

Scandi style living room in farrow & ball pavilion gray and that La Redoute Berber rug!
(Original source can be found here)

I have been really into home decor lately and looking and different ways to add something a little bit extra to my home when I move. One trend that I always seem to come back to is metallics. Metallics are so versatile and can be mixed with all sorts of styles and colours. One of my favourite colour-ways at the moment is grey and pink. Call me a girl but I think it’s very romantic, and the bright airy feeling gives you a feeling of fantasy.  Adding in the metallic accents give it a bit of an edge. It goes from this airy fantasy feeling to that of mystery and intrigue.


Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment:


B&M Hepburn copper side table – £34.99
B&M Metallic Photo frames 4X6″ – £1.99

B&M have been upping their game lately when it comes to homewares. This table and picture frame is just a few of the things they have in their metallic range. Honestly every time i go in I find more and more stuff I want. I could probably re-decorate every week and still find more stuff I would want to put in my house. Definitely worth a visit if you want a bargain!

http://www.ebay.co.uk Solid colour metallic cushion – £4.99 

This cushion I found on Ebay is a dream! not only has it got the metallics but that lovely pink blush colour that I’m into. Ebay is great for one off finds, but sometimes you do need to dig around for a while until you find the right product for you.

Metallic Ceramic Planter (15cm x 9cm)
Matalan Metallic Ceramic Planter (15cm) – £5.00

This planter from Matalan is to die for! I love plants and think something as simple as a plant with a pretty pot like this one can add so much to a room. I like this one so much though because it is something different. The shapes, the colours and even the structure of it make it something really unique and if you’re on a budget it is worth every penny.


I love this trend but I am not sure if it’s something my boyfriend would go for. Has anyone moved in with their boyfriend for the first time? How easy/hard was it to decide on the decor? Leave you’re answers below.


My relationship with food:

I have a very good relationship with food, or so I thought. I’m not a fussy eater, I will try anything at least once, I always clear my plate and am always panning my next meal. I love to cook and discover new tastes and flavours and mix things up and I love to eat!

Many a time have I turned to food as my comfort and I thought nothing of it until recently. Am i stress eating? is this the way I am now coping with stress? Before in my old job I didn’t eat because of stress, am i now overcompensating for that? There is a sort of comfort in eating and savouring every flavour, and that sensation feel at that moment in time like pure enjoyment.  The more I think about it the more I think that my relationship with food isn’t that healthy at all. I wish I could be like one of those people who could control everything that I ate but sometimes I feel myself being completely out of control. A lot of it has to do with boredom. I think that on a normal day I have about 1000 things to do at any one time but when I have a day off I find it really hard to get in to a routine of no snacking or finding something to do that will take up my entire day.

After my little revelation though I have been looking at what I am eating and have started to say no, or not have as much as I usually do. Knowing when I am too full and reacting to it is something that I struggle with especially if I am enjoying my meal. I would rather stuff my face until I was too full to move than admit defeat and leave some. I am getting better at it but I would be a lot better.

From this point forward though I am going to say no! No to eating out of boredom! No to eating because I am stressed! No to seconds! No to snacking! and Yes to a healthier life.


Here’s to our health!


Much love,





Is there a fascinator etiquette?

It is officially SUMMER! and one of the main events of the summer for most people are WEDDINGS! yes folks, that is right, get your best church dresses out and stick that fascinator on your head because ladies…. it’s wedding time!

I have been invited to a wedding at the very start of August. Unfortunately I can’t stay for the whole day but I am going to the church part, so with that I have a very specific look that I am trying to go for. I can’t be too blingy, too dressy, dress can’t be too long, can’t have big poofy shoulders and definitely not too sexy (I’m looking at you miss Sophie Turner of GOT.. why? just why would you wear that?). As a plus size girl I find it hard to find a dress to fit in to those parameters because everything and i mean EV-RE-THING is exactly like that. All I want is a simple dress that I can maybe dress up a little with some jewellery or have a nice enough pattern on it that I don’t need to. There are times when I can find the perfect dress and it’s like £100+ and I’m like “I ain’t spending that type of money to wear a dress for a few hours and only wear it once. no thank you.” and the other thing that is really putting me off this season are the colours as they are… horrendous. All everyone seems to have is like bright primary colour red, green or blue or a highlighter yellow dress. Then on the flip side of that the pinky, nude, peachy colour that I can’t wear because I’m so pale and because I’ve just highlighted my hair it would not go. STRESS!!

To add to all my worries and woes about dresses I’m already planning the accessories because when you have a look in your head you want to make sure it is styled to perfection. I have seen a pair of gold shoes that I like which are to die for! they are so pretty! and they are totally the kind of investment I need in my life right now. They are by Michelle Keegan for Very and you can purchase them here. Just look how pretty they are:

Apart from the shoes though, I can’t really make a decision on anything else. I have tried to not think about the shoes and try to find the dress first, I even know what kind of colour I want for my dress (navy blue). I was thinking about wearing a fascinator because I think they are so fun, and with it being summer, and being in a stuffy church for a few hours in the morning you’ll sweat a bit and your hair might mess up so it would hide your imperfections but is there an etiquette for wearing one? Do you have to be in the family circle to wear one? do you have to be in the best friend circle? can anybody wear one? do you have to take it off during the service? all these questions just for one little hair accessory. To answer them myself I’m still not sure but hopefully when I get my outfit together I will know what feels right and what doesn’t.

Apart from the getting ready for a wedding, I actually love weddings. I’m super excited myself to get married one day and on my invitations it shall read “fascinators welcome” just as a heads up to all those ladies who are just unsure.

Does anyone else have any other wedding stress? wether it be guest, family member, bride or groom. Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,

Natalie xx

Motivational quotes..

As I seem to be lacking in it a the moment, here are some quotes that I hope will inspire you as much as they inspire me too:



“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”

-Walt Disney


“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed the vision pulls you”

– Steve Jobs


“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated”

-Maya Angelou



Much love,


Natalie xx

Just keep swimming….


I have been SUPER busy this past week and a bit and have felt that I haven’t really had much time to sit down and take the time to do ANYTHING! I’ve been doing a lot of nightshift lately and I find when I have time to myself I just want to chill and take the time to centre myself. I’ve been feeling really ill lately and I think because I don’t have a normal routine my body is completely gone to whack. I’m so tired, and have been literally sick every day for a week straight (F.Y.I Not pregnant, but thanks for the concern) and have had like a weird cold thing for about 2 months but it’s not really come to anything major, but a runny nose and feeling blergh.


Enough about my moaning though as starting from next week it’s back on track, back to a routine, back to feeling normal. Healthy Natalie take like 10 is on it’s way and hopefully because there will be no more nightshift I can have the time to focus on myself a lot more. When I have a second I’m going to plan everything out, like what are my goals? how long am I going to give myself? how am I going to achieve them? and hopefully it’ll be a step by step process to move forward from my little funk.


So yeah, essentially I just wanted a moan (what’s new?) and to give everyone a little update. I want to apologise as well if anyone follows me on social media and has noticed I’ve gone a little quiet it’s purely because all I’m doing at the moment is sleeping and working and that seems to be the last thing I can focus on right now.


If anyone has any hints or tips on how to plan and progress from here leave them in a comment below.


Much love,


Natalie xx

My weightloss journey – and it’s struggles



Another glorious day here in the shire and as I sit outside to get use of the rare sunlight we see in Scotland I see myself scrolling through instagram and facebook and looking at all these wonderful, inspiring women sharing their stories and their journeys. It got me thinking of my journey with my weight and was hoping that maybe if someone would read this I would inspire them too.

My weight has always been an issue for me. I have always been the curvy one, the fat one, called tree trunk legs but also celebrated by some for my figure. Lots of boobs and ass but a lovely belly to go with it. When I was younger though I was slim, and over the years I have fluctuated between being a big girl to losing all the weight. I currently sit at my heaviest weight to date, and that purely because I don’t take care of myself as much as I should do. This year however, something made me want to change.

January is always the time for resolutions, promise making, to do lists and plans made. January for me for the past few years has always been the same “I’m not going to bother to make resolutions because I would never stick to them”. Roll on to the end of February and by now everyone I know has started their gym routines, eating healthy and have started guzzling back that water like the seas are going to dry up and there’s nothing left. MY journey started with a bet. ” give up a type of food for the whole of march. Something that you can’t live without” I couldn’t think of anything. I was all ready to ignore the rest of the conversation when someone said “well crisps, you always have a packet with you lunch… why not give them up?” It got me thinking well yeah, I could give them up. It was only one month so why not? So that’s where it started… my love of crisps. I then decided, well if I’m going to give this up in order to start thinking about a healthy lifestyle then what else could I do to give me an incentive to keep going. I signed myself up for the Breast Cancer UK 10,000 step challenge for the whole of March. Basically all I had to do was 10,000 steps everyday and get sponsored to do it. “Win, Win” I thought “I’m going to be raising money for charity plus it would get me in to a routine of getting out and about to get my step count up.” I also bought an aerobic stepper for the days I didn’t really feel like going out but needed to push myself to do those extra steps to push over 10,000. When March was over I was already in the routine of working out, eating right and guzzling down that water too! I managed to loose almost a stone and I was buzzing “look how far I can go” I thought “look at well I’m doing.” And the life got in the way…

I work a lot, and I have been back and forth on to nightshift and working crazy hours. I was eating because it was quick, I had no energy and my mental health started to go down hill. I lost my confidence, I lost that spark I had, I lost my drive. I didn’t see the point in carrying on, why should I? who am I kidding, I’ll never be able to loose the weight.  I was in a spiral of negativity. It wasn’t until the middle of May that I realised just how unhealthy I was being. Not only for what I was putting in my body, but my laziness and lack of motivation was overwhelming. I would have my good days, and I would have so so so many bad days. Take aways, massive portion sizes, no more water! I think the best thing I did for my body through the whole process was drink hot water with a slice of lemon ( and in my head I thought I was doing enough.)


Fast forward to the present day and I’ve been evaluating where I’m at and have decided to make a promise to myself that I will get back on track and focus on me and my health, Sometimes it’s not always about looking good but helping your mental health by giving yourself the confidence, and making yourself proud to be you.


Has anyone else and struggles on their journey? or has anyone been super successful and have some hints and tips? please comment below and let’s help each other out!



Much love,



Natalie xx