Just keep swimming….


I have been SUPER busy this past week and a bit and have felt that I haven’t really had much time to sit down and take the time to do ANYTHING! I’ve been doing a lot of nightshift lately and I find when I have time to myself I just want to chill and take the time to centre myself. I’ve been feeling really ill lately and I think because I don’t have a normal routine my body is completely gone to whack. I’m so tired, and have been literally sick every day for a week straight (F.Y.I Not pregnant, but thanks for the concern) and have had like a weird cold thing for about 2 months but it’s not really come to anything major, but a runny nose and feeling blergh.


Enough about my moaning though as starting from next week it’s back on track, back to a routine, back to feeling normal. Healthy Natalie take like 10 is on it’s way and hopefully because there will be no more nightshift I can have the time to focus on myself a lot more. When I have a second I’m going to plan everything out, like what are my goals? how long am I going to give myself? how am I going to achieve them? and hopefully it’ll be a step by step process to move forward from my little funk.


So yeah, essentially I just wanted a moan (what’s new?) and to give everyone a little update. I want to apologise as well if anyone follows me on social media and has noticed I’ve gone a little quiet it’s purely because all I’m doing at the moment is sleeping and working and that seems to be the last thing I can focus on right now.


If anyone has any hints or tips on how to plan and progress from here leave them in a comment below.


Much love,


Natalie xx

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